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Hosting of school kids, our future Kings, from disadvantaged backgrounds in Within Polokwane municipalities for a week

Because @kingshotelgallery we are about ‘Embracing the KingS’, not just the old ones but our future KingS as well. We are hosting school kids, our future #kingS, from disadvantaged backgrounds in Within Polokwane municipalities, to motivate them that you can achieve great things. It was an event sponsored by Polokwane municipality and Mayor’s office.

They get to sleep in a hotel for the entire week, and experience the perfect life. We did this to teach them and encourage them that your current situation doesn’t determine your future. You can be who you want to be if you put your mind to it. Don’t wait to be made, be self-made. Believe in yourself no matter what, cause God believes in you more than you know. Have fun our #futurekingsandqueens #futurekings

⚜️dikgosi is kile tša buša⚜️

Embracing Our African Kings.