At KINGS we create our own standards. Every detail is considered, from the quality of the cuisine to the finer points of our warm hospitality and our luxuriously elegant facilities, suites and rooms, you can expect only the best.

Business Events

Leave everything to us! Our experienced team will handle it all from the planning of the day event to the seamless integration of technology needed. You will feel like a KING.

Social Events

You will work hand in hand with our experienced team to assist you from every aspect of your social occasion. From the initial planning and selecting the most suitable venue, to arranging the flowers and designing the menus, through to assisting you on the actual day to ensure that your special occasion is a resounding success. Royalty. Unforgettable. Merging the finest culinary experiences and the ultimate in elegance. You will be greeted warmly by our staff on your arrival, working together as a family to ensure your stay and your special occasion is an unforgettable one.

Events Menu

What ever you consider we provide it

Embracing Our African Kings.